Here's what our customers are saying .......


It"s very easy to move around and saves a lot of time and labor.

Wayne Cooper   Franklin, KY


I just poured a slab, using the Power Pole Finisher for the first time and it was the best looking slab I have ever seen.  Thanks for all the help, you have an extemely good product. 

Cory Eells   Oregon City, Oregon


 Great machine.  Used the machine twice and already won't leave home without it !!!

 Ken Yager     Green River, WY


We save a lot of time with this machine. We use the Power Pole Fnisher to trowel precast wall panels that we pour in our factory. A typical pour is 10' wide by 150' long. A four person crew can finish 1 hour faster with the power pole finisher compared to a regular machine. We estimate the machine pays for itself in about 3 weeks because of the time saved each day. This machine is great! My goal is to have one machine for each precast bed (about 10 total). We have 1 machine now and 2 on the way. If the machines perform well this summer we will be looking for several more.

 Benjamin T Dalsing   Wells, MN


"I ordered your power trowel with some trepidation. A similar priced "weed whacker" power screed is in our inventory and seldom wanted or used. On receipt of your trowel, I vowed to take it to the next job where it wouldn't be needed for finishing final approaches to a large pole-barn job. All the work was to be "broom finish" - a no brainer, 4 part, 6 yard job. 

Well, the two workers are trainees and I am in my 7th decade and am a retired Airline Captain with more ability to land a wounded 768 than finishing concrete.

The job started to go south. The concrete was gnarly and stiff  94 slump (part of the work involved a slope) and I was fading fast trying to bull-float it out. I looked down at your "pole trowel", still a virgin (named Belinda after an old fairy tale regarding a dragon slaying a young girl). She looked up at me and said "send me in boss".

I took the bait

With more desperation than hope, I slipped the float blades on the, attached the poles and "fired 'er up". At a slow speed she quickly flattened what a weight loaded fresno could not correct but also left the perfect finish for the broom.

The levity of leaning over to pick the trowel up, with groans already in the air, to find that one guy already was holding it in one hand, caused great humor.

A truly stunning piece of well built, well welded and well engineered piece ofequipment.

My advice to anyone doing flatwork - "if you don't have one or more of these trowels, you aren't a business man - you're a hobbyist stuck in the last century."

Pete Snyder   Bend Oregon 


Purchased it about a year ago.  I'm a general contractor so I pour jobs about once a month.  Since last year, I took (Bertha) to the first few slabs, but since have left her home and take Cinderella to each dance since.   I have no problems with the unit.  It has cut my time on the job and gives my finish a smoother and flatter finish.  My competitors have even hired me to pour for them because we are getting up there and it's not as easy as it used to be.
David Encinas   Visalia, CA


We find the Power Pole Finisher very useful on our big stamped jobs to break the surface with the floats, and the final trowel before the stamping.

 David Jorge   Surrey, British Columbia      



After having substantial time to put the Power Pole Finisher through 
a battery of different finishing scenarios ........... I must say I am impressed ........ it turned out to be everything that it was described
to be, and I couldn't be happier!   Thanks again for a wonderful product.
John Crawford    Dixfield, Maine



The building owner's son was on hand, at our invitation, as he had some interest in learning about "concrete". One of our guys and my partner allowed him to pour an outside slab, grade, edge and in time, broom it. I decided to put him on the "Power Pole Finisher". We let him go. To make a long story short, very flat floor, divots filled with polished black and done by a kid who never held any kind of trowel in his life. The owner was thrilled.

The day ended with "Belinda" finishing all three bays. When I coud leave the concrete as "black" as a rider, there was no convincing necessary.

My partner's response at the end of the day - "order another one".

We have huge investment in imprinting and other equipment at the moment, but we will be ordering another unit. I routinely invest in "advanced and different" equipment, to make my aging life easier. My partner and I now agree that going on a job without this tool, is simply stupid.

Truthfully, this investment is far and away, the best I have made in the concrete business.

Seldom is there anything that makes life easier and provides a better job.  You have done this. "Congratulations"


Pete Snyder   Bandon, Oregon 






"I have a new favorite tool.  I've been in the business for while, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I got the hang of it in about 15 minutes and once the concrete is down, I can finish jobs by myself.  I love this machine!"

Jerry Murphy  
Southwest Aggregates,  Cape Coral, Florida

The Power Pole Finisher is used on house slabs, basements and Alaskan slabs.
"It's easy to load and unload
Can get on a floor sooner than a heavy machine"

Mike Milligan   Lowden, New Hampshire

"Best machine for concrete that we have ever used.  Saves two to three hours per pool deck. 
We hardly ever use our big machine anymore."
Gregory B. Kojis   Bunkie, Louisiana